Vintage themed wedding.

A vintage theme usually includes the use of lace, a soft and pretty colour palette and unique genuine vintage touches throughout the event.

Rustic Chic themed Wedding

Rustic weddings are usually location focused and try to showcase the natural landscape. They also usually use wood in multiple ways.

Classic Romantic Weddings

This is a traditional wedding theme that never goes out of fashion. It’s all about intimacy, warm lighting, candles and plenty of roses.

Tropical Beachside Wedding

Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world so why wouldn’t you want to get married here? Seaside weddings are all about keeping things light and summery and making the most of the location with a seafood buffet.

Enchanted Forest Themed Wedding

This theme uses leafy décor, an outdoor setting, and plenty of fairylights to create a magical wedding experience.

Festival Fun Themed Weddings

Channel you’re favourite festival, using lamps, hay barrels, tee-pees, finger food and of course live music.

Christmas Wedding

Christmas weddings are all about incorporating elements of this magical season into your big day. Use plenty of holly, red and greens splashes of colour and you can even walk down the isle to carolers.

Glamour Weddings

The glamour wedding follows the motto ‘Go big or go home’. Opulence is key and should be present from the very begging to the end of the wedding. This may require a wedding loan to pull off.

Garden Party

A relaxed theme that includes plenty of light bright colours, a casual dress code, and laid back atmosphere.

Destination Wedding

This one may seem a little broad but essentially you host your wedding in your dream location and build your theme around the locations traditions and culture.


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