The question has been popped, and you’ve excitedly accepted – now it’s time to celebrate with your nearest and dearest (and show off that ring)! Your engagement party theme should reflect your style as a couple, and can even hint at your wedding theme or location if you’ve already chosen one.

From casual cocktail parties to long lunches and sit-down private dining experiences, we’ve put together our top engagement party ideas for Brisbane couples.

DIY/blank canvas

A DIY engagement party is the perfect way to celebrate what’s unique about your love story. The white walls and warehouse feel of the newest warehouse event space, offers a superb blank canvas ready for your special event.

Why not transform it into your own gallery space, with a display of photos from your life together so far? Or unveil your engagement shoot photos? The fully-customisable space also comes with AV capabilities, so you or your DJ can fill the space with the soundtrack to your love story… and maybe even a bit of karaoke!

Cocktails on the rooftop

Many a romance has begun on the iconic Dandy’s Rooftop. The relaxed vibe and stunning views of the Brisbane skyline make it easy to fall in love with one of Brisbane’s favourite engagement party venues.

Mingle with your guests over decadent cocktails and platters of chargrilled bites in a reserved space for 20–150 people, or, if you’ve got a lengthy guest list, Dandy’s Rooftop also offers exclusive use for up to 360 guests.


Nothing sets the tone quite like a dress-up theme, especially if you and your crew are known to go all-out! ‘Famous Couples’ or ‘Silver Screen Romances’ are a great place to start.

For something a little out of the ordinary, you could choose an inside joke or something special that relates to your love story: the city where you first met, got engaged or are planning to tie the knot, the movie you saw on your first date, or even your initials.

Of course, you’ll want to ensure your decorations tie into the theme can work with you to make the space uniquely yours.

Tropical Theme

Queensland is known for its colour and sultry sub-tropical weather, and is a fitting Brisbane engagement party venue. Bonus points if you’re planning to honeymoon in a tropical destination, as this can also be a source of inspiration for your engagement party theme.

Think vibrant tones of green, pink and orange to complement the wicker furniture and eclectic decor, and encourage guests to dress in their brightest attire as they sip fruity cocktails from your private bar. Forget the photo booth; the Veranda Room’s gorgeous wallpaper makes for a fantastic (and very on-theme) backdrop.

Classic Black Tie

When it comes to special occasions, your engagement party is second only to your wedding day, which makes it the perfect time to indulge in all-out glamour.

Toast to your engagement over French champagne and a classy sit-down dinner, and ensure you get plenty of photos of you and your guests in all your finery.

Famous Couples Costume Party

It’s unfortunate, but few couples ever think of a costume theme for their engagement party. Why not buck the trend and celebrate your union by dressing up as your favourite couples in history. There are myriad costume ideas, from the first-ever couple, Adam and Eve, to the dramatic love of Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

Get creative with this theme by organising couple-based games and putting up pictures of “exes” around the room. This engagement party theme suits any of your function rooms most of which offer sit-down and cocktail configurations. And who knows, someone might even come dressed as future versions of you and your partner.

The sophisticated Long Lunch

If you prefer a cruise-y, daytime affair then a long lunch with free flowing beverages in the Acadia Room would be a unique way to celebrate your engagement party. Work with the theme by dressing in warm shades, pastels or neutrals, with floral or lace detailing. Opt for light summery makeup and simple gold or rose gold jewellery. Men go for similar colours in chinos and short or long sleeve button ups and dress shoes.

Featuring rustic brick walls, planter boxes and natural light flowing in from the ceiling, The Arcadia exudes terrace party vibes. It’s away from the hustle and bustle, with a fun, laid back charm.

Travel the World

These days, travelling together is a rite of passage for any couple. It’s one of the most underrated engagement party ideas in Brisbane, where countless couples travel together, creating lifelong memories. It’s fitting then that your engagement party focuses on travel with souvenirs from old adventures, posters of places you want to visit together and a travel wishing well where guests can leave travel-related gifts.

The Collectors Room is perfect for this theme, thanks to its exotic decorations from overseas adventures. It’s an intimate room for a maximum of 20 guests, so if you need a larger space, we suggest booking The Canvas Room, where you can adorn the walls in all your travel memorabilia.

Start Planning Your Engagement Party

Now that you’re feeling inspired, contact The Fox Hotel team today to find out how we can bring your engagement party ideas to life.


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